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c2c Consulting

Website Design

Contact:  Randy Carson
Phone:    480-595-1501

Cell:       480-560-1892
5366 E. Forest Pleasant Place

              Cave Creek, AZ 85331

Website:  c2caz.com
Email:     randy@c2caz.com


Randy holds degrees in Human Resources Management, as well as Computer Science and is a co-owner of C2C Consulting with his wife Margaret.  With over 30 years’ experience in software design and engineering, quality assurance, project management, and the consulting industry, his experience includes designing and managing the successful deployment of integrated solutions for several Fortune 500 organizations throughout the United States.

There are many thousands of people in the industry that call themselves “Consultants.” Many are great, many are good, and the remainder are just not cut out for the role. An Arizona-based consultancy, C2C Consulting first and foremost develops a long-term partnership with its clients.  C2C Consulting prides itself on having the width and breadth of knowledge and experience necessary to craft solutions for everyone.

Highlight’s of C2C’s services include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tutoring / Training

  • Website (Re-)Design, Deployment, and Hosting

  • Website Management

  • Custom Software Design, Construction, Deployment

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